Audra’s single speed

Audra had the unfortunate experience of having her bike crumpled by a delivery truck. It backed into the pole on which her bike was locked. It was a beautiful custom single speed made by Circle A Cycles where I used to work. I didn’t have the original drawing but she wasn’t interested in an exact replica of her old bike. This bike was to be a little more utilitarian in design and less aggressive than the Circle A.

This bike was to have a front rack but still remain one speed. The final result is this lugged wisteria metallic beauty. The lugs are a set of vintage stamped ones that required major reworking. Edges were cleaned up, radii were altered, and the binder was filled. Audra is not a very large rider so I was able to build with lightweight Columbus and Dedacciai tubing throughout. Polished stainless details in the seat cluster and on the dropouts go well with all the silver components.

Speaking of components, her old bike wasn’t a complete loss. She was able to salvage the wheels, saddle, and cranks and put them on the new bike. For the photos here though, I put on some new ones. The bike is sharp looking with the Velo-Orange porteur rack and it’s a blast to ride! It’s now at its new home in New Mexico where I hope the hills aren’t too daunting.

Check out the full build photos.