• Will’s touring bike

    This bike has been a long time coming for Will. He approached me looking for a bike designed for loaded touring and ready for just about any abuse he could dole out to it. This frameset with double oversized tubing is ready for it. Both of us come from a BMX background so when he(…)

  • A flatland frame

    So I built a flatland frame for myself. I posted pictures of it on Flickr and then accidentally removed them. Technology can be so aggravating sometimes. So instead of reposting them on Flickr, I’ll post a few shots here. I don’t anticipate doing a lot of these projects as I have only made 8 BMX(…)

  • Matt’s touring bike

    A lugged bike that is primarily for touring but also can be used as an all weather commuter? Sure! This is definitely a bike that will get used a LOT. Matt is a “bike guy” on many levels and I’m so happy with what we’ve come up with for him. Front and rear lights are(…)

  • Tom’s bi-laminate road bike

    Some of you might not know what a bi-laminate bike is and that’s fine. They’re not too common unless you specifically follow other custom bike builders. Bi-laminate construction is basically using both a lug and brass filler to create a unique joint for the tubes. It’s pretty much an excuse for the builder to try(…)