• Matt’s touring bike

    A lugged bike that is primarily for touring but also can be used as an all weather commuter? Sure! This is definitely a bike that will get used a LOT. Matt is a “bike guy” on many levels and I’m so happy with what we’ve come up with for him. Front and rear lights are(…)

  • Tom’s bi-laminate road bike

    Some of you might not know what a bi-laminate bike is and that’s fine. They’re not too common unless you specifically follow other custom bike builders. Bi-laminate construction is basically using both a lug and brass filler to create a unique joint for the tubes. It’s pretty much an excuse for the builder to try(…)

  • Bradley’s bike inspirations

    When Bradley came to me to build him a bike, I quickly learned of his affection for Bridgestone bicycles. I share his enthusiasm as I worked in a shop in the 90s that was a Bridgestone dealer. It was then that I learned who Grant Petersen was and the kind of influence one person can(…)

  • John’s mixte commuter

    This winter in Rhode Island has been particularly brutal. Living close to Narragansett Bay is especially painful with freezing humid air slapping me in the face. I shouldn’t complain as my commute to the shop is a mere 20 feet and the wood stove keeps my small space toasty. As one of several large ongoing(…)