• John’s mixte commuter

    This winter in Rhode Island has been particularly brutal. Living close to Narragansett Bay is especially painful with freezing humid air slapping me in the face. I shouldn’t complain as my commute to the shop is a mere 20 feet and the wood stove keeps my small space toasty. As one of several large ongoing(…)

  • Butter yellow city bike

    I’ve been guilty of building entire bikes around a specific components in the past. Once it was a set of brakes and another time it was a saddle. This time it was a dynamo. This is a new rim dynamo made by Velogical Engineering out of Germany. The appeal of it is that it’s light(…)

  • Le grand porteur

    When I was growing up and had a paper route, I would always just carry the papers in a giant bag on my shoulder on my BMX bike. My friend with the “10 speed” had these big wire baskets on the rear end of his bike that he would load the papers in and I(…)

  • Designed for loaded touring

    I’ve known Andrew for years and I’m aware that he likes to put lots of miles on his bikes. This bike is designed to do just that. Whether it’s climbing the steep ascents of the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia or through the wooded hills near him home in New York State, this bike will(…)