• Ryan’s 650B light tourer

    This bike was collaboration between Ryan and myself. This was the third (!) bike that I’ve built for him. You’d think that this would expedite the process but that is not the case as I found out as custom is custom and this will always make the build take longer. Ryan is a very knowledgeable […]

  • The tallest randonneur

    Marc is one of those riders for whom a custom bicycle is the best option. At 67cm, this bike is at the maximum of what I am capable of building in my fixture. I’ve worked with Marc on other projects over the years and he is a pleasure to build for. He came to me […]

  • Jon’s big tire road bike

    A funny story about Jon, he went to my website when he heard about me and saw that I was located in Pawtuxet Village which is a small village along Narragansett Bay in Cranston, RI. Rhode Island a small state and this village is even smaller. Come to find out, Jon grew up here. When […]

  • Graham’s 650B city bike

    No, you’re not seeing double or triple. Yes, this is another dark green city bike but there are so many differences. It is the sister bike to Huw’s city bike which resides in London. This is for one of his friends, Graham, who lives stateside. The fact that there are two very similar looking bikes […]