• Victoria’s minty road bike

    There’s something inherently beautiful about the simplicity of a road bicycle. This is compared to the touring bikes with fenders, lights, and racks that I normally build. Victoria’s 46cm road bike was built from some of the lightest steel tubing available (Columbus, Dedacciai, and True Temper) and unavailable (Super Vitus 980). I was able to […]

  • Evan’s light touring bike

    This was the first bike I had finished since the birth of my son, Tully. I was concerned about being able to focus on the bikes while adjusting to the new family life. The fact that my shop is in my backyard and that sending email via the phone is the new norm helped immensely. […]

  • Jerod’s plum crazy randonneur

    I don’t have a muscle car background so I was unfamiliar with the 70s Dodge color called Plum Crazy. Colors appear much flashier on car panels than on bike tubes though. So this color combined with the classic Nervex lug shape remind me a lot of Jack Taylor’s early building style with their later “flamboyant” […]

  • Ryan’s 650B light tourer

    This bike was collaboration between Ryan and myself. This was the third (!) bike that I’ve built for him. You’d think that this would expedite the process but that is not the case as I found out as custom is custom and this will always make the build take longer. Ryan is a very knowledgeable […]