• Joe L.’s champagne touring bike

    This is probably my favorite style of bike to make but it is also the most time consuming because of the full set of custom fillet brazed racks. This one has both front and rear racks as well as a set of detachable low riders on the front. The front rack has an integrated light […]

  • Marcie’s mixte

    It was a unique situation when it came to building this bike. I had met Marcie’s husband David at a bicycle event in North Carolina. He was familiar with my work and told his wife who in turn wanted a mixte. Normally I work with one person one on one for the entire process but […]

  • Jamie R.’s 650b light tourer

    I had a deadline for this bike which was a famous ride here in New England called the D2R2. It is known for its steep climbs on bucolic roads of mostly dirt and gravel. Held every year in August, riders come from all over to see what “new” roads have been added to the route. […]

  • Ken L.’s randonneur

    I’ve known Ken for many years and I was excited to build (another) bike for him. He had me build him a single speed when I worked at Circle A Cycles and he purchased my personal light touring bike back in 2011. We ride together quite a bit and after many discussions about a new […]