• Elton’s suspension trailer

    I had made a trailer for myself a while back as a fun project and learned a lot from it. The goal this time was to build a trailer so smooth that you’d forget it was behind you while cruising down the street. To do that, I needed to make some design changes. For one,(…)

  • Daren’s commuter

    I spent 15 years commuting by bike to jobs here in the Providence area. The longest commute that I ever had was about 16 miles round trip. I realized when that commute started that the single speed with just a backpack was not the ideal choice for the ride. I needed something with some gears(…)

  • Pascal’s cyclotouring bike

    When this bike was on display at the Bike Cult Show in NYC in August, the first thing anyone did was reach for the brake levers. They are new levers based on an old style called guidonnet (from the French word “guidon” for handlebar). In conjunction with the brazed on MAFAC Racer brakes with modern(…)

  • Jo’s mixte city bike

    I have a special place in my heart for mixte frames. Specifically the French style sport mixtes where the lateral stays meet on the top tube. There are a lot of fun details that a framebuilder can incorporate into the mixte design. In the past, I’ve done unique rear brake cable routing inside the top(…)