• Audra’s single speed

    Audra had the unfortunate experience of having her bike crumpled by a delivery truck. It backed into the pole on which her bike was locked. It was a beautiful custom single speed made by Circle A Cycles where I used to work. I didn’t have the original drawing but she wasn’t interested in an exact […]

  • Bob’s 650b road bike

    I’ve known Bob for a while now. An avid rider who loves the bike. LOVES the bike. Longtime member of the Veteran-Cycle Club, Bob knows the joys of riding along an old road in New England on a classic steel bicycle. This 650b road bike (rack-less randonneur possibly?) is ready for some mixed terrain use. […]

  • Dynamo powered Di2 light touring bike, v2.0

    In early 2011 I built myself a bike to ride in a technical trial of sorts called the Oregon Manifest. The purpose was to build a bike that would be ridden over a mixed surface course and it would score points based on whether or not it fulfilled a list of set criteria. It was […]

  • Deb’s mixte basket bike

    The basket has been a fixture in the bike world for as long as people needed to carry anything on a bike. The pros of the basket far outweigh the cons on a city bike like this mixte for Deb. It gives her easy access to what she’s carrying while allowing her to monitor it […]