• Barbara’s road bike

    There is really only one type of person who needs a custom bicycle and that person is outside of the bicycle sizes commercially available in retail shops. Everyone else, myself included, just love bikes so much that they want one that was specially made for them. I’m guessing that Barbara is a little of column […]

  • Leslie’s 650B mixte city bike

    When Leslie described what she was looking for in a city bike, the list wasn’t too long. She wanted a step-through style frame and the fit had to be perfect. She also wanted to address the previous issue of numbness in her hands. This bike achieved those goals and more. Because of her negative experiences […]

  • Varun’s disc tourer

    The bikes I’ve built up to this point have mostly adhered to traditional components and frame design. These standards exist because they’ve been tested in real world applications for over a century and they work. And while trying new technologies is not a huge leap for me, the technology in question has to make sense. […]

  • Victoria’s minty road bike

    There’s something inherently beautiful about the simplicity of a road bicycle. This is compared to the touring bikes with fenders, lights, and racks that I normally build. Victoria’s 46cm road bike was built from some of the lightest steel tubing available (Columbus, Dedacciai, and True Temper) and unavailable (Super Vitus 980). I was able to […]